Welcome to EBE Compass a startup Accelerator Program

Welcome to EBE Compass a startup Accelerator Program

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Application for the EBE Compass Accelerator Program


To apply for the program, all startup teams must apply online and complete an in-person interview before they will be admitted to the program. 


Space is limited for the EBE Compass program.


The EBE Compass program is an evergreen accelerator program.  Companies are accepted into the program as they are qualified. Module One of the program is offered almost every month. 

We look forward to receiving your application, meeting your team and learning how we can accelerate your success. 

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The EBE Compass Program


EBE Compass Accelerator - A Unique Opportunity for New Ventures


The EBE Compass Accelerator program provides a unique opportunity for startup founders to work with experienced entrepreneurs, investors and startup community members to discover and experience how successful startups are created.

Utilizing evidence-based entrepreneurship (EBE), the EBE Compass program helps founders and their teams through a defined process which allows them to work through their ideas, test them with customers, discard, change and build a stronger business model that will rapidly move the startup forward.

Program modules allow individual teams to progress at varying speeds, and stages of development, while maintaining the benefits of learning in cohorts.

The accelerator program is comprised of six discrete four-week modules that, when successfully completed, move a new venture forward towards discovering and creating growth inflection points that accelerate the venture’s ability to scale. 

This proven process helps reduce the risk of scaling a startup too early and protects against wasting precious resources.


Six Discrete EBE Compass Accelerator Modules

Each module concentrates on specific outcome requirements and metrics, which must be completed in order to advance the new venture along the growth curve and prepare the startup for the next discrete module.

Unlike most current accelerator offerings that force teams to finish together at a demo day event, this program is unique. 

The short-duration, metrics-based outcomes of each four week-module allow teams that have completed the requirements to advance to the next EBE Compass module. Teams that have not completed the requirements are able to persist in the work to complete the requirements. Not being able to complete the module requirements may be an indicator that the team may need to adjust the business model assumptions for a better outcome, or reboot to find another problem to solve. 

Each EBE module is intense and the hard work gratifying. 

The modular design reduces the amount of resources required to validate a new business venture, provides the ability to frequently check/confirm forward progression of the business model and helps to mitigate the risks associated with early-stage ventures. 

This  program requires teams to be able to dedicate 30-40 hours per week for 4 weeks per module (meets 2x a week, one master class plus a weekly team office hour, mentor meetings, monthly community dinners with guest speakers, field research) to learn and apply the tools used in evidence-based entrepreneurship.


Methods and Processes

 The program makes extensive use of in-the-field research and testing by applying methods/processes that include: 

  • Behavioral economics
  • Ethnography
  • Qualitative interviews
  • Quantitative assessments
  • Active listening and observation 
  • Startup Business Model Canvas
  • Pathway development and activation

Doing this work successfully will helps teams validate demand, strengthen the teams’ understanding of the problem they are solving, develop metrics to support investments, build their resource networks and strengthen the startup team.


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